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5th February 2014

The beautiful sunset…

Tonight, we’ve had the most magical sunset here in Cyprus. Standing on our patio, watching in awe as the majestic golden ball gently laid herself down into the welcoming pinks and lilacs of the clouds before slipping into the water , my thoughts went to my step father, Jim, who is very ill in hospital……

Jamesy (Jim) is a wonderful man, who, now in his late 80s, is suffering terribly with every ailment and accident going, added to which he has dementia – so he’s in a bad way. Yet another stroke, a few days ago, now has taken his speech and movement and things don’t look good for him…………

As I watched the setting sun, my heart ached for Jim – and Owen and all of those who are so very ill but I felt a message in my soul that, if this was the last sunset, it was such a beautiful one and so precious to be part of, I could not doubt that there was a purpose in everything in life……………I may not be entirely sure where that sun was going to emerge from the waters but I know it will – and it will return in  an equally beautiful form to be watched and enjoyed.

We are part of something so very much greater than we know……………something very beautiful……That won’t ease the pain today but in time, the colours in this stunning sunset will be seen again.

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