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10th November 2015

The beautiful November days in Cyprus

Its hard to put into words, the magical feeling on the island of Cyprus in November. The sunshine is slow to start at this time of year. We wake up to pink, blue and golden skies as the sun gently leaves her slumber and climbs her ‘mountain’ to shine on us.

Days are hot, in their mid 20s and life is at a slower pace than that of the heat of the summer The air is light, warm and the ‘feeling’ is one of wellbeing and peace – and its so welcome after the heavy heat of the high summer months.

Coming home at lunchtime to walk our dogs, the skies are so very interesting (photo below) but when the late afternoon comes and the ‘angels’ begin to paint their colours onto our tired day, you just have to sit and marvel at nature.

In months like this one, I wish I were a wordsmith who could do justice to the natural beauty in which we live – but I fall short everytime. The best thing I can do is show you  some of the images (below) and ask you to consider coming here for winter sunshine! Villas are at low prices; the sun is in the heavens and the welcome is always huge and sincere. Think about it. Even for next year!

Enjoy the photos! (especially Barney T Rubble watching the sunset!)

photo magical nov sunsetphoto hill walk viewphoto barney watching sunset