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13th May 2016

The Barneymobile

Well, it’s official. Barney T Rubble gets his own car, as of Monday. Not just any old car of course: this one is a gold, tiger printed , cool and trendy Rav 4! Perfect for Barney, who fits very snugly into it – and with the real advantage that he can step easily into the vehicle without causing him pain or without us having to lift him.

Are we crazy? Definitely but this huge , precious beast has hip dysplasia which is causing a lot of problems. He loves to walk but cannot walk up hill. As we live on the side of the mountain, this is a bit of a problem. So the solution to keeping him fit and making it easy for me to walk him, which is my joy, is to have a means of getting Barney to flatland – then we can , ‘go for it’.

We were telling our friends , Wayne and Karen, about this and Wayne believes Barney is buying the car from the money that Jake, (Barneys gorgeous late ‘uncle’), stole from Wayne , the night he also ‘acquired’ Wayne’s iPhone! Jake was the, ‘Trotter’ of dogs, pedalling anything he could steal and doing deals with everyone! Anyway, we’re reassured Wayne that we’ve paid for the car, so Barney is in the clear – and Jake’s ‘almost’ good reputation, is saved!

Will this plan work? Let’s hope so! I”ll keep you updated with Barney’s and Molly’s mobile adventures!

If you’re thinking of getting mobile and coming to Cyprus to rent a holiday villa in Coral Bay or Peyia, please get in touch: email to me on and I”ll be happy to put the wheels in motion.

Photos of Barney T Rubble for your enjoyment!

photo barney watching goats photo ted and barney close