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1st January 2010

The Bacon Butty Bash

Just when everything was ready for the outdoor party late last night, the heavens opened and we had to run around bringing everything in – including Jake!

With nowhere to put Jake which would keep him dry and everyones sausages, safe, we had to tie him on the front veranda, where he made a “nest” out of cushions from the sofa, which had been put there to keep them dry. he added a newly potted plant, stones then rolled in the lot, making the cushions muddy and the clean veranda, very messy! Deep joy!

Friends arrived and flocked into the kitchen. Tony was the lone person outside, keeping the BBQ going and getting the sausages and bacon ready….

Thankfully, the rains stopped, the party moved outside and the air warmed up = but there were no fireworks.

Except this morning when Jake got into trouble for the mess he’d made!

Happy Easter from a gloriously sunny Cyprus!

Category: Cyprus Villas News