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20th January 2018

The Art of Scurryfunging!

With a long standing arrangement to make dinner for some friends, here at home in Peyia, tomorrow night, I’ve decided it’s time to start getting things ready.

Thing is, I’m naturally nosey and not at all enamoured by housework, so am currently, ”creatively procrastinating” and finding a million things to do, so I don’t have to do what needs to be done ie clean.

One of the things which caught my eye , was an article about the team on the programme, Countdown and their love of words. Within this article was what is now, my new favourite word: scurryfunge!

Scurryfunge is the , ”art of frantically cleaning before a guest arrives at one’s home”. Isn’t that lovely? Much better to , ”scurryfunge” than to do housework sensibly!

Luckily, our holiday villa housekeeping team are calm, prepared and excellent at what they do, in very good time, so I don’t worry about the villas and apartments being ready for your arrival. Though right now, I’m worrying about if we’ll have any availability left! Please do book early for summer 2018! We are running out of beds (though Easter availability is still good!).

ps do you think this bowl of tulips will disguise the dust on the skirting boards? ie ”draw the eye”? …

Category: Cyprus Villas News