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14th October 2014

The Annual October Gang

So here we are, at home around the pool. Bill, Jane, Mick, Teresa, Tony, Barney T Rubble, Molly Mou , Charlie Cat and me. Weather is stunning (and its the 14th October); wine is flowing , mixed in with a few GnTs and beers and we’ve invested in the local economy by testing food and, well, more wine!

Day 5 and Bill still trips down the last step or up the first step to the house. Mick catches Teresa out by pushing her into the pool and Jane is finally happy with her ‘place’ in the shade from the heavy sun.

Seems terrible that the week is ‘rushing by’ but as the friendships go back 50 odd years (for the boys) and the girls have known each other over 30 years, I figure we should all relax and just live in the moments, looking forward to the next annual get together.

So very lovely so have you all with us here in Peyia!

If you’d like October/November sunshine, email to me on and I’ll check which poolside beds are waiting for you!the holiday gang