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1st January 2010

The Angel of Knickers and Necklaces………..

Our lovely friend, Jane, has just spent a week with us here in Cyprus, with her husband Bill, Mick and Theresa. Jane is a very sensitive, devout Catholic lady with a wicked sense of humour…..

On the journey home to UK, Janes (too)smalls and her jewellery went missing. Well, her whole case went missing and that case contained these items. Having washed the items in our home, I know the knickers were small colourful pieces of dental floss and would have been mistaken for eg hair accessories rather than a grown ladys’ drawers – but missing they were and Jane was upset.

For about 48 hours.

Only Jane, who must have a direct dial to above, could have found the items, in her home, after the case had been returned without them. I reckon she’s “called in help” to trace and return them – and the “angels” haven’t wanted to cross her!

Course, she could also have had a few when she was looking for them and not seen too clearly, when she was looking at the contents of the case…..

She’d been on the communion wine again!!

(ow – I felt that punch from here!!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News