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6th July 2017

The Alarm Clock

One of the great joys of being on holiday is that you don’t need to set the alarm! It’s such a great feeling waking up when you are ready to rather than when the noise beckons you from a good dream!

With so many designs of alarm clocks available, it’s supposed to be easier to find one with the style , tone and level of noise which suits you – but we never have – until one found us to the church bells; he sings when the phone rings ; he sings when he’s letting his true happy out – and he sings when the alarm goes off! His songs are SO loud that the horrible ”dring” of the alarm is over ridden by the soulful voice of this big , furry , teddy bear dog.

comes in handy when we’ve left our phones somewhere and don’t hear them ring! You couldn’t not hear Barney!

Book a holiday villa with pool for winter sunshine here in Peyia or Coral Bay and tune in to Barney’s regular Sunday morning spot! To book or check availability, tune into


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