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10th March 2017

That time again!

Barney T Rubble hates the sound of mobile phones ringing and the church bells sounding out their messages, sends him ”dog crazy”! The other sound he seems to hate, is the sound of the alarm going off when it’s time to get up – and I’m with him on that!

As soon as the alarm starts, he goes to whichever gadget is responsible for the noise and begins to sing and ”talk” as loud as he possibly can. If you happen to have got up early and have forgotten to turn the alarm off, there is no chance of not knowing the time because this big silly, gorgeous dog won’t stop ”singing ” until you do!

I think it may also be time for you to consider booking your villa or apartment holiday in Peyia? Alarmingly, bookings have been flying in so dates are getting limited! If Barney knew the words to the song, ”book early – it’s time for a holiday”, he’d be singing at the top of his soulful voice!

Email to me on – or ring us on 00 35726623341. When the office closes, the phone diverts to my mobile which is sure to make Barney sing when it rings!

Category: Cyprus Villas News