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1st January 2010

teeth and bank holidays

Twosheds emailed to say she’d had to have her tooth taken out when she got home from Cyprus. Probably all the rich food and alcohol, I said – but really we knew it was a poorly tooth which lost its filling during her hols. Even though it must have hurt, Twosheds soldiered on and we had the BEST time!

Anyway, we’re back to normal – which includes maniac animals waking us up; Greek lessons have started; I’m doing Yogo by the pool (checkout to see how I’ll look in a week or two – not!) and we’re working hard.

In true Cyprus style though, there is another bank holiday tomorrow so the office is closed and we’re forced to welcome clients into villas in Coral Bay and apartments in Peyia, then go to the Last Castle for lunch. Its SO hard but we need to keep sampling the great local places so we can tell you all how good they are!

The only cloud at the moment is that Bob is still very poorly and Caroline, his lovely wife, is worrying about him and caring for the family. We’re all routing for them both and trying to bully him back to wellness. Seriously, we’re thinking of you both xx

Off to do a yoga practise now……..then have a large GnT xxx