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13th October 2017


Hello. My name is Ted. We haven’t spoken before but I needed to offload so my person let me use the blog thingy.

Barney T Rubble is my ”master”. I like him a lot – except when he picks me up and shakes me around a bit when he wants to play. At least he doesn’t shake me as much as he shakes the other teddy bears in the house. I mean, poor Angel teddy not only got shaken but she also had all of her clothes ripped off! That was mean!

Anyway, Barney is really okay most of the time. I know I’m his best friend. When he is tired, he takes me for a cuddle. When he is happy, I get shaken a bit and when he is lonely, he snuggles up to me and we just hang out together.

The reason I’m writing is that , yesterday, he locked me out of the house. I had to wait f.o.r.e.v.e.r. for a person to come home and find me and take me back into the house. I was frightened – and needed something to cuddle too!

So I want to report Barney T Rubble for cruelty to Teds. Does anyone know the address? Don’t tell him though coz he’ll probably get his monster little sister to bury me! (She does this with some of his other toys but I don’t tell him).

Thank you.

And book your holiday villa now. Because if you book, my person is happy and if she is happy, Barney T Rubble is happy then I’m happy. It’s all good! Email to

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