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3rd January 2012

Technology abounds!

Philippos Supermarket have come into the 21st century with a whole new computer system which is designed to make like easier for staff and shoppers – and which links the Coral Bay shop to the Peyia shop! Very posh!

Except it doesn’t work.
When I called in this morning, to get a few things on our business account for the office, I had to wait 25 mins while Islam and Gemma tried to sort out how to make the computer work. It was funny watching them: the computer prints out a report but the printer is in the office, not near the computer – and the office is locked. So every time either Gemma or Islam pressed print, they had to get the keys for the office and open up/run in and find the printer hadn’t printed.

To amuse me, Islam showed me that I also had my own, yellow folder with my name on it! And eventually, it was into the folder that we had to hand write the items I’d bought coz the computer wouldn’t work!

I love shopping in Philippos Supermarket – in Peyia, not Coral Bay. Islam, the manager, is so sweet and friendly and doesnt mind being bossed about by Gemma. I discovered that Islams surname is “shyful” which suits him too: its very easy to make him blush – and the computer definitely made him see red!

Great fun!