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1st January 2010

Teamwork and happy tears!

Apparently, “we” put the piece of wood needed to steady the unsteady BBQ, on the wrong side! How “we” did this, is beyond me: I was at the other side of the garden, varnishing the steamer chair while “we” attended to the broken BBQ! Silly me!

Still, we found another bit of wood and attached that – again, to the wrong bit, it seemed as the BBQ collapsed ……..

The good news is that Gus has come home. Gus, Charlies new friend who lives next door, has been missing for 5 days. His people mummy explained to us that Gus cat never stays out at night, let alone doesn’t come home at all, so we’ve all been very worried – and I have to admit that, by today, I feared the worse BUT the news is happy: Gus is home, large as life and fit as anything, so all is well.

Charlie has been next door to steal Gus’ food just to make sure it is the real Gus! And it is – his food was delicious!! Methinks Charlie may just run off himself to get the sort of banquet Gus has – so I’ve filled Charlies plate with fresh chicken to try to make sure he is totally satisfied, sleepy and content at home.

Now, best I cook for Tony before “we” think about going off to the pub……….

Category: Cyprus Villas News