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19th July 2018

“Talking to Trees”

Tony , my husband, reckons I would talk to a tree given half a chance! Apparently, I talk too much to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

I like to talk to people: it’s great shopping in the local supermarket here in Peyia, to Gemma who is on the checkout and shares stories of her homeland/family. To Islam, the manager, who is very homesick and wants to see his parents so is planning his 2019 trip!

To Lucy, who has lived here only 6 months and is just starting to settle in but is a little lonely – and to Helen, who owns one of the local florist shops and who loves Australia….

These are just a few! the customers in our office, come and go and bring with them, their villa holiday dreams and stories – and the pool customers, their troubles with their pools/their lives and their hopes………..and, with Emma every bit as bad as I am for talking, we listen a lot , share a lot and laugh a lot!

If you’d like to come and chat to us during your holiday – and come and meet the lovely locals in Peyia, email to us for offers for late summer or Autumn in villas with pools or apartments in great locations!

Category: Cyprus Villas News