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1st January 2010

Talk or butter?

Today, as in many days, I’m so eternally grateful for the wonderful dogs who share our home. They are leveling, loving and totally wonderful – and I don’t know what I’d do without them:

We woke up this morning, to find that Jake was holding a butter pat, hostage. He’d stolen the butter last night when we were cooking and was hanging onto it for dear life. When we got up this morning, Jake wouldn’t let go of it; wouldn’t wee; wouldn’t eat; wouldn’t drink – all in case we stole his butter………

Tony came home mid morning to try to get Jake to eat/drink and pee – no chance. I came home at 1pm, when Jake pee’d – all over the settee: with his butter pat in his mouth……………

How can I be cross with him?

This morning, the awkward neighbour off the complex where the young family lives, has caused the owner to contact the police : he is , in my opinion, exaggerating, embellishing and totally getting out of perspective, the way a young family live – but the owner has taken advice and contacted the police about a family who deserve nothing but love and support…..

Then, a family who’ve been mis-sold by a developer spent 4 HOURS with us, complaining and wanting US to put right their rental chances, when they’ve nothing to do with us………

Add to that, the normal arrivals and departures of wonderful , lovely villa guests and I’m beside myself: I want to cry with frustration at the ignorance of people; laugh at the total innocence of animals and be touched by the total trust of people while they part with their money……

We are a holiday rental company.

A very good one, in that we CARE and TRY HARD but we are not the oracle and today, I want to shut shop and go home to spend time with my animals, never returning to the office……

except its more important than that to us. It is about people who we care for ; both professionally and personally, so we’ve got to take the knocks and get on with it.

I can understand taking a butter pat hostage and believing thats the be all and end all. Watching humans behave today, I think Jake has got it right: somethings, like butter pats, are just TOO important – the rest is total rollocks, unless it involves a bit of human decency and personal responsibility…….

Do I sound “heavy”? Ring me: you aint heard half of it!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News