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1st January 2010

Taking the P? Just the T!

Tony is very particular about his clothes. He always looks immaculate. Doesn’t matter how hot, cold or wet it is, he is totally “cool” and elegant. I’m more of an “unmade bed” sort of look against Tonys designer dudes!

This is great when we’re working and meeting clients/ prospective clients and people who are staying in the villas in Coral Bay or villas in Peyia. Its not so great for Tony when he is trying to care for his clothes in a houseful of animals, whose respect for clothing starts and ends at nil!

I’ve had a good giggle tonight- but I’ve laughed alone!: Tony has a favourite bright pink Tshirt (no, not that sort!). He loves this shirt and was a bit put out last night when, while watering the garden, some soil and water splashed back on his shirt and dirtied it.

Being a man, he put it right about the bushes, on the balcony, to dry. Not on the washing line , which is out of reach of animals or the clothes horse, which is also protected from unwanted intruders: no, right where he could see it – and so could Jake.

About 5 minutes ago, Tony was watering the garden again and Jake was watching, sat near the balustrades where Tonys pink shirt was still hanging. Tony watered – so Jake did: right down the whole Tshirt!

I think this shows genius: the dog was obviously helping Tony complete the watering task: didn’t this shirt get wet last night? So he was saving Tony time.

Tony isn’t amused – but the shirt is now in a safe place and jake looks a little nonplussed by the whole thing!

Category: Cyprus Villas News