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1st January 2010

Taking the Michael?

I had such a giggle during my Greek lesson last night. The group I’m in are 12 weeks into the first formal course of learning to speak Cypriot. We are reading (with difficulty), writing (terribly) and speaking (in something which has welsch, irish, french and german understones but certainly isn’t understandable Cypriot!)…..

Last night, we had to go over a dialogue we’d studied the previous week. Our teacher is very forward thinking so the dialogue was very up to date: Kostas, a local man, meet Liza, an attractive Russian and tries to find out all about her eg where does she live, is she single etc.

Sadly for Kostas, Liza is married and goes on to talk about her husband, who is from Italy and is a mechanic.

The word for mechanic in Cypriot, translates as “Mechanicos” – this is the funny bit (almost).

The class were tasked with personalising the script so that the girls became Liza and the boys, Kostas. We had to put our own names in and then speak about our husbands.

One of the class, who is married to Mick, when doing her dialogue, introduced her husband as being called “mechanicos” . The teacher said, yes but what is his name – and she said, Mick – but isn’t that what I said?…..

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