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1st January 2010

Taking the medicine

Charlie Cat, aka snake fighter extraordinaire, finished his course of tablets today: since being bitten by that horrible snake a few weeks ago, Charlie has had to take two quarter tablets a day, as an antidote for the venom which is in his system.

The funniest thing is, he LIKES taking tablets and eats them out of my hand, without a thought. In fact, if I tried to feed him a few more tablets, he’d eat those too! Its a great thing because we know he is getting stronger and is protected – and today, having finally completed his medication, he is on fine form, currently sitting on the wall on “lizard watch” and ready for trouble!

We’ve noticed that the gang of 4 , of which Charlie seems to be the trouble maker, have not been around lately. Either Charlie has bored them to pussy cat tears telling of his adventure with hissing sid – or they are so scared of the fact there are snakes around, they’ve gone somewhere else.

Last night, a new black kitten appeared on the kennel at the back (oh, don’t for a second believe the kennel is for our dogs: oh no, not good enough for them: they have ensuite bedrooms! This is for the strays who wander in and stay for a few days to be fed)……..anyway, this black kitten was cute and hungry, so I fed it and tried to give it a tickle but monster paws Charlie rushed into action and chased it down the hill. I think I can see it hiding under our car, so we’ll see if its brave enought to come back a little later.

At least Charlie is here, strong and fun of mischief. Thank god and thanks again to Dr Inna: she must be sick of the sight of our furry family!

Off to do checkins to some lovely villas in Coral Bay: cannot wait to show the guests Villa Olivia and Villa Sea View

Category: Cyprus Villas News