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1st January 2010

Taking a well earned break!

Its really exciting! We have another wedding on Tuesday! Gemma marries Gavin in Peyia – and their family are here, taking a well earned break to join the ceremony.

Quite literally, taking a break! Arriving on Thursday, one of the party achieved a broken leg on Friday ! With pot now firmly in place, we’re all trying to think of ways to decorate it for the wedding!

The photographers went yesterday to talk to the happy couple about their requirements and the florist/taverna are all ready, so the only challenge now is….what is Charlotte going to wear?

Is she invited? No but she is going! I think probably one of the only reasons she came back here on holiday with her Dad was so she could gatecrash this event! Luckily the family are great and are very happy for her to tag along.

Yesterday, Lottie Lou and I went to their villa in Coral Bay to introduce the photographers to the couple – and Lottie was discussing with the brides mum, what she should wear!

The sun is still so very hot, it is very difficult for the brides and guests, to remain cool and composed. Their dresses look wonderful in the sunshine but makeup and hair suffer a little! Luckily, the wedding service is a brief one, after which everyone will retire to Spillies Taverna, where the cool sea breezes help everyone feel a whole lot better. (Or maybe its the champagne?…..)

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