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24th July 2021

Takin’ Bacon!

Being prepared, is a wonderful thing!

I remember from my sales training, ”the man on the bus to nowhere, always arrives” – so I try to make it a mission to ensure I’m prepared to meet all challenges and objectives, by pre planning and preparing.

…like getting food out of the freezer which needs to be defrosted before it can be eaten.

So Tony can get up on a Saturday and have his much loved breakfast of bacon and black pudding, (yuk) – but each to their own!

This morning dawned hopefully , with brilliant birdsong, blue skies and gentle air .

Going downstairs to make a cup of tea, then to pop out to feed the Hilltop Gang of cats who were shouting at me for their food, I checked that I’d remembered to get out the bacon etc and I had. Pat on the back to me!

Till I fed the cats-that-aren’t-ours, took tea upstairs to Tony and he got up to make his own brekkie – and the bacon and black pudding were nowhere to be seen!

Seems the culprit/s left a trail of black pudding clues across the kitchen floor to the garden room – but then the clues disappeared. As did the cats – but the annoyance of a hungry husband remained loud and clear in the kitchen!

I’d forgotten to close the door when I fed the cats so, as they do, they ”popped” in and took the spoils as quickly as their little paws would let them.

Tony reckons it was Harry and he’s very annoyed with him.

I think Harry may be in trouble with his 22 brothers and sisters up the hill at his real home- so he’s taken the food to appease them!

Worse, he may have gambling debts to pay and be being chased by the ”rough lot” who hang around – and the food is the only way to , save his bacon, so to speak!

Who knows!

Tony is having ”reluctant toast”, as I write.

I’m having a giggle.

Harry is having rest but keeps burping………………..

Happy Saturday!