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30th December 2016

Take a ”leap” second for a longer holiday!

Loved the story on the news this morning, about the fact that ”they” were going to have to adjust the ”atomic” time in keeping with the slightly slower rotation of the earth around the sun! So a “Leap Second” is being added to GMT to give an extra second to keep us in line with the earths rotation!

So tomorrow, as midnight draws in, it’s, “”11, 10, 9 ….”” countdown!

Think of the possibilities! We can add ‘leap seconds” and have longer holidays in the sunshine – or better still, use the earths slower rotation as a reason to extend the length of our holiday weeks, maybe taking 7.5 days in a week instead of 7! Who is going to check? And who is going to prove it wrong, quick enough to catch us out? Lovely thought!

If you’d like to book a villa holiday in Coral Bay or Peyia for spring or summer sunshine, 2017, I’ll add a few ”leap seconds” free of charge! Where some companies ask you to leave at 11am, we’ll let you stay until noon – or even longer if the incoming guests are arriving after 7pm!

Email for deals on gorgeous villas and apartments, to . Go on: I’m timing the incoming enquiries!

Category: Cyprus Villas News