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1st June 2017

swimming pool tales

OMG !Hated the report we read today about the young girl staying a hotel with a large tour operator and her being pulled into the filter!

We are SO lucky: we use The Pool People Ltd as our pool operatives in all of our holiday villas. They are trained to NSPF CPO standard ( and ensure our pools are mechanically correct -and that the water is cleaned to EU standards.

I’m going to be biased but for all the right reason. The Pool People Ltd is owned and operated by my husband, Tony BUT he established the company and invested in the trips to America to meet the NSPF then the three years it took him to qualify as an instructor BECAUSE of problems with pool cleaning here.

Now across the island the island of Cyprus, people proudly display the NSPF CPO logo – and that’s all down to Tony . Thanks to him, the pools cared for by NSPF CPO’s are cared for properly and fully – or they lose their licence to work!

Very sad that the big operators haven’t got on board with this yet but watch this space!

If you want a villa with a clean pool and a safe pool, email to

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