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1st January 2010

Sweet Dreams….

I’ve just checked a wedding party into Villa Stavroulla, between Coral Bay and Peyia. What a lovely family! Their excitement about the wedding was tangible- and they were so very happy to be here and to see their choice of beautiful villa, it was a total pleasure to be up in the early hours to welcome them.

It is a great feeling to see all of the guests arrive, then be safe in their chosen villas. I drive back home through our sleepy village of Peyia, content in the knowledge that there are happy new holidays beginning to unfold with good people who’ve chosen Cyprus for their stay. It is as if the area opens its arms and enfolds the newcomers in memories , dreams and wishes for them to enjoy their holiday.

I often think , if the villas could talk, what stories they could tell: from the freshness of arrival, when the innocence of the villa is ready to “spoil”, to the lived in feel at the end of the holidays, when each property has taken on the personality of its current guests……very interesting – and probably very colourful!

Am home now, sitting with Jake and Alfie and having a much needed coffee. Molly is in bed with Tony and Charlie cat is our vagabonding – though he did run up to the car to welcome me home before scuttling back off into the bushes to continue his was with “The Big Black Thing” to decide who runs the territory……

Tonight, our world feels well and I’m very grateful for that…..Kalinichta Sas!

Category: Cyprus Villas News