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4th March 2018

Sunday, Sunday…

It’s a beautiful  morning here in Peyia. The sun is in the heavens, temperature is a warm 19 degrees and the birds are singing.

There’s a very rare bird in our garden today, which has eaten the bread I dropped and the bacon bits Tony left : this one is a long haired, long tailed, 65 kilos, 4 legged one who doesn’t seem to be able to fly but can certainly run like mad when he is told off!

I’ve been nattering to a friend , who was bemoaning the snow in the UK and telling me how lucky we are to live here. She asked me what I’m up to today and would I be sunbathing/chilling?…..It always makes me smile when people imagine life here is a large GnT anytime of day (?), feet in the pool, wine tree growing in the corner and ”fairies” to do the housework/shopping……The truth is, same stuff, different temperature to do it in…..

That said, I hung my washing under the lemon tree this morning, taking in the view across the mountains. Had to chase Barney T Rubble away from the bird food, while looking down towards the magnificent coastline of Coral Bay – and I’ve to pop across to Latchi, driving through the beautiful hills and villages, to take some photos of a project we are working on……….so there are HUGE advantages in living here and I know we are lucky.

We’re also lucky to be able to share this area with you. We work for the owners of a wonderful selection of quality villas and apartments and are so very happy to help you find the right one for you, whatever day of the week you enquire!

Though, as it’s Sunday, and you may be snowbound at home, take a moment to look at our site and choose your Easter or Summer sunshine holiday property. Ready and waiting for your email:!

Let’s talk soon!