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5th May 2013

sunday, sunday

Easter Sunday and a beautiful day here in paradise. The village celebrations for this special time of year, went on into the early hours- which was great fun, if not a little noisy!

The locals and tourists alike, celebrated with aplomb – and are probably nursing heavy heads today. I’m feeling very righteous being as how I had to work till late so was a good girl…

Actually, I didn’t really have to work till late but Dominic and Marion, two of Susie Floozies wonderfully crazy family, got lost coming from the airport so were a little delayed arriving to their gorgeous apartment Isis. Still , all was well in the end and I can tease the life out of them all week.

We’ve wedding guests everywhere, from lovely apartments in Marina Hilltop to Andriana complex to local hotels…..its going to be a good week – well, thats if Great Raymondodoulou, The Grandad, his buddies and my beloved husband can try NOT to plan every living hour this week, partying to celebrate the nuptials. Me thinks, Thursday may come and go without the men at the rate the arrangements to party are being made!….

I digress: is Easter Sunday. Our beautiful Alfie is sleeping peacefully though keeping one eye on me to ensure I’m safe. Soon, he’s going to have to relinquish his loving care of me for the past 14 years and go and rest in heaven: so todays is a sad/happy day in many ways. Tony has foiled Mollys latest escape plan, (by tunnel under the yukka at the front of the garden), Charlie cat is asleep having come home and, erm, ‘taken’, by hairy gorilla which was innocently sitting on the linen basket – and we’ve a new friend: a baby chameleon who is currently sitting on Tonys hand looking for all the world like he’d like this grandad, a komodo dragon, to come and kick Tonys head in!

So all is normal. I’m still in PJs. Guests are settled happily in villas and apartments and Sunday unfolds…..

have a wonderful day, whatever you are up to and wherever you are – though you should be here!

Category: Cyprus Villas News