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7th February 2021

Sunday stuff and nonsense!

The sun is in the heavens again over Peyia and even though there is a chill in the air, it’s a beautiful day!

As we are doing everyday during lockdown, Tony and I will use one of our ”going outside” permits to walk – probably from the Elysium Hotel to Paphos Harbour today. First, we will talk Barney T Rubble for a gentle walk up in a ”secret place” we’ve found for him, in the hill near Kathikas! It’s a lovely piece of flat on the hill – and the views towards the mountains , is magnificent.

Barney doesn’t care much about the views but he LOVES being off his lead and in ”big charge” of the direction in which we walk – which goes from slow trot to running after him when he spots the car and wants to go home! He’s not too well and won’t be with us for too much longer, tragically but he’s happy and we’re going to have as much fun as we can with him x

Yesterday, we walked just over 7 km from Paphos Harbour up the coastline to Geriskipo . It’s  a very pretty walk – and one which is loved by families/couples/singles/dogs/cats…….. it can get a little busy ,(safely) at weekends but it’s a great walk and the views are stunning.

As we were walking , I was looking at the people: those with small children, some learning to walk others riding bikes or scooters. At older couples, strolling and chatting. The serious sports people running or power walking – and the dogs being trotted along, wagging their tails and being watched by the many feral cats. The sea was gently rolling to the shore and the sun was high in the sky: suddenly,  I felt the most overwhelming feeling of love and peace….

It was if the whole life picture was reflecting pure joy , happiness, hope and love in that one instant. Unbelievable and not something I can put into words easily – but it touched my soul.

I know we’ve all got our troubles: some so very much harder than others and that the world is upside down with the virus right now – but that moment also reminded me that we’ve all got each other – and that the world is filled with love.

The sea will keep rolling, the sun will come out and people will be born , grow and take their angel wings at an undetermined time………but we have this moment; we have a HUGE capacity for loving and kindness and we have each other – whether we know each other or not.

The most wonderful, gracious Sir Captain Tom showed us it’s never too late to show a bit of hope, love and to do something for others.

Yesterday reminded me that there is still a lot of beauty in this troubled world – and incredible moments to share with one another , even if we aren’t together in body.

With love and wishes to you all.

Lynn x

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