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1st January 2010

Sunday “gardening”

Alfie, Jake, Molly, Charlie cat, Tony and I have just been for a walk up the hill next to our villa in Peyia. Its a beautiful morning: the sky is amazing and its colours are being reflected in the sea: totally stunning…….
Problem is, we weren’t taking too much notice of that as we’ve discovered some very interesting wild pampas grasses growing on the hillside. Molly spotted them first and went scurrying off to hide in them so we followed her and ,erm, just had to lift a couple of them out of their rocky home and transport them home to our garden!
Jake liked this game and “helped ” us to dig. Alfie stood guard and Charlie simply tried to grab Alfies tail!

Home now, a nice cup of tea all round and we can sit and admire our just-added-too garden!
Happy Sunday!

Category: Cyprus Villas News