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1st January 2010


Its so very hot here! All of a sudden, the thermostat has been turned up and the weather scorchio!!

Every we look, there are tanned, not very toned (!) and brightly underdressed bodies! Summer is definitely here. The holidaymakers in the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, are enjoying days filled with sun, more sun and even more sun….

Last night, Charly, our friend and owner of Villa LilyMay, arrived to holiday with us – as his villa is filled with happy holidaymakers! He was telling us that a friend of his, a fellow farmer, had just got a couple of chickens for fresh eggs, as the sun began to come out in UK. One of the chickens, after a few days, had a very red chest and head and the owner was a little upset and asked Charly to “put it out of its misery”. Charly told the man to wait a few days coz it seemed strange to Charly that this young chicken had taken ill so suddenly.

The owners wife, a big hearted lady, didn’t want the chicken to suffer, so she took it to the vet – where she was told the chicken had sunburn!

So, there is now a very pampered chicken in Yorkshire, wearing factor 30, shades and spending its days under a parasol enjoying the shade! Apparently, it would like to come to a villa in Cyprus for its hols but is going to wait until later in the year when we are a cool late 20 degree heat as opposed to HOT!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News