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9th August 2014

Sunbeds for all!

So a German newspaper has been doing a survey in a Spanish hotel, about ‘guests  hogging sunbeds’. In the Daily Mail today, there is an amusing story about how the Germans now have proof that its the British who ‘reserve/hog’ the sunbeds, not them. The reported snapped sunbeds from early in the morning, when they were all clear of towels to just before breakfast, when the nifty British guests had sneaked their towels onto beds then disappeared off to eat!

I remember well, the days of having to get up earlier and earlier on holiday, to ensure we got two sunbeds side by side – not an easy task for two lazy lumps like us who’d prefer to lie in every day! Still, needs must back then – and we worked a rota with friends so at least one of us got to lie in every few days!

Then the ‘god of good holidays’ appeared in the form of George, who introduced us to the joys of villa holidays, where the sunbeds are ONLY for you, no queuing necessary….and the rest is history!

If you’d like to reserve your sunbed for late summer sunshine, email to me on and I’ll get your villa and towels ready!

Just off to laze on one of mine at home now . Bliss!kr