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1st January 2010

Summertime begins – again!

Here on the beautiful island of Cyprus, we are 2 hours ahead of GMT (no, not Greek Maybe Time, that other GMT that is used is UK and refers to a bridge that isn’t very generous – or something like that…): anyway, like our UK relatives, we too lose one hours sleep tonight and will struggle to ensure all clocks and watches are showing the right time during tomorrow.

Its SO complicated, isnt it? Who decided this should happen and, more importantly, why should it happen?

Time is very tricky: my stunning neice was born on 29th January 16 years ago. I was in Nashvilla, Tennessee (yes, am showing off now – it was back when I had a real life and worked for a living rather than lovingly tended to villa guests staying in Coral Bay and Peyia); anyway, for those of you still awake, I was in USA and it was the 28th January and my sister rang to say she’d had a baby – on the 29th!

No, she rang me on MY 28th Jan to say she’d had a baby on HER 29th Jan – so I knew about Jessica being born before she was!………its very confusing!

Does the clock change mean that, for one hour from midnight tonight, we can all misbehave and it doesn;t matter coz 12-1am doesnt exist so anything we do doesn’t really happen?

Just in case this is the point ie have an offer “off” to do what you please, I’ve had a “power nap” with Alfie, Molly and Jake on the settee upstairs this afternoon so that I stand some chance of staying awake until midnight on the offchance I can misbehave and get away with it.

Another question is, if British Summertime begins tomorrow, shouldn’t the clocks go forward 4 months to 20th July 2008 then drop back end July for Winter beginning? If 2007 weather was anything to go by, that makes sense!

My recommendation to all clock watchers and summertime enthusiasts is, get onto our website, choose a villa and GET OVER HERE!

Whatever time it is, it will be a GREAT time!

Category: Cyprus Villas News