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1st January 2010

Sugar? Or a little help from Jake?

Please don’t read this if you are of a sensitive disposition…..

Yesterday, Jennie and I had a lovely, peaceful hour down by the pool just relaxing and chatting in the sunshine. Tony had made us a cup of tea; he and David were chatting upstairs, so Jennie, animals and I headed poolside to chill.

As I gathered our books to read, (not that we ever stop talking long enough to look at them), Jennie was rearranging her towel on the sunbed when she noticed that Jake was very close to her cup of tea – correction, Jake was contributing to her cup of tea from a great height as he also watered the plants and shrubs at the edge of the area where we were sitting….

Jennie is totally wonderful and just laughed at this.

I was horrified.

As Jennie pointed out to me, at least she SAW what Jake did and was able to get rid of the tea. Had she not noticed, I dread to think what could have happened….

Minutes before this happened, I’d been singing the praises of a decent cup of tea, made with tea bags whose name starts with a P! Perhaps Jake heard and was trying to make us happy?! Who knows.

He certainly made us laugh.

And we had a glass of wine instead!

Category: Cyprus Villas News