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1st January 2010

Sue Two Trucks and Double keys Ray!

Well, its been such an exciting week! Sue took possession of her sparkling , brand new Landcruiser and its gorgeous. Leather interior, power steering and totally and utterly pristine.

It drives beautifully – apparently – but no-one is allowed to drive it, not even Ray. I’ve tried to pull Sues leg about Ray sitting in the passenger seat wearing his shorts, using the rational that Ray will be shedding skin and hair on her new seat. She laughed but I’m expecting Ray to be wearing long trousers today – and walking behind the truck! At least he’s got his loan truck to run around in when he is really scruffy!

This totally barmy and wonderful couple have also found the villa of their dreams, which they’ll move into in May – and they got their keys yesterday for this. Ray is keeping the keys for this villa and the one they are living in now but as the villas are so far apart and need transport to get to, not sure how he is going to get between them if he loses the second truck – but at least Sue can live in her new car!

Will keep you updated!

ps wonder if we’ll get invited to dinner in the new villa!? x

Category: Cyprus Villas News