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1st January 2010

Strictly NO dancing!

There is a very interesting new building being finished in Peyia: set next to the football stadium, its been designed in a very interesting shape and painted attractively – I’ve been desperate to know what it is!

Normally, the area is littered with a mouth watering selection of tavernas and restaurants. More and more supermarkets and bakeries are springing up (as my hips will testify!) but it seems this new building is to be a Dance School!!

I’m totally thrilled: back in my past life, pre accident to my spine, I taught ballroom and latin american dancing and LOVED IT! There really is nothing more special than sharing a foxtrot with a partner; gliding across the floor, wearing sequins and feathers – preferably me wearing them, not my partner, of course!!

I long to dance: Tony has two left feet and an attitude which says “absolutely not”, even before he is asked to dance! Cyprus embraces dance but its mainly led by men, undertaken by more men and very foot stamping and arms in the air rather than elegant and flowing.

Sometimes, when home alone, I pick Molly up and glid across the tiles with her………but I’m “off on one” so had better get back to the point!!

So, we’re getting a dance school and it will offer, apparently, everything from martial arts training to ballet to ballroom to hip hop to cypriot dance skills. I’m DESPERATE to join – particularly ballet- but Tony thinks this is totally ridiculous to even consider.

I don’t expect to be a prima ballerina but I’d love to recapture muscle control and enjoy the moments of grace and elegance again……….. course if I do ballet, I’ll relearn how to use my “Points”, so Tony should be scared – or maybe I’ll do martial arts and just kick his butt instead!

Hmmmm. Now there’s a thought!

Category: Cyprus Villas News