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1st January 2010

Stormy Sunday

We’ve had our first rain shower of the autumn today. It was totally wonderful: proper rain; heavy, vertical and lots of it – then it was gone! The clouds stayed put whilst the sun over the sea of Coral Bay, peaked through pink, red and glorious.

I’ve been to checkin some returning villa guests into their villa in Peyia and, while they were initially saddened to see the rain, once they got into their villa high on the hillside of Peyia, they certainly changed their minds! This is one of the holiday villas in Peyia with magnificent views of the Paphos to St Georges coast. The view cannot be matched anywhere. The guests just dropped their cases and sat and looked. I came home, dropped my car keys and sat and looked.

We’re in for a few thunder storms in the next few nights. It seems strange – long hot days then stormy, interesting and spectacular storms at night. Its a wonderful time of year to visit the west of Cyprus. The hillsides are green and lush; the flowers in bloom and everything feels fresh and new. We love October and November in Cyprus – well, we love EVERY month here really!

Jake hasn’t enjoyed the rain: he got totally soaked playing by the pool but wouldn’t come in. He now has his collection of our stuff, floating in the pool. Today, he has added a pair of favourite flip flops and an ornament which he didn’t like. Molly is very cross with him but her attempts to bite his ankles aren’t working.

Luckily, the storms have brought out Charlies “singing” and naughty streak: he is currently terrorising Jake and Alfie in an attempt to defend “his” chicken , cooking with the Yorkshire puds in the oven, from the dogs.

In all, its a totally lovely, fiery and spectacular stormy Sunday here in Peyia, Coral Bay – and thats just the animals in the house! The weather is another thing altogether!

Off to rescue my puds……

Category: Cyprus Villas News