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11th February 2015

Storm watching as sunshine threatens

A violent and unexpected storm, hit the shores of the whole of the island yesterday. The roadway at Banana Bay, Coral Bay was ‘washed over’ with rocks and debris – then closed for safety for a few hours. Rooftops lifted and those which didn’t, enjoyed a cacophony of musical sounds for hours on end as the rain lashed down, the hail followed then the gale force winds brought debris to the party!

It was impossible to sleep or , if you could, not to dream about adventure and daring, running through battlefields and fighting dragons – but that was just Barney T Rubble who cried and snored his way through the night, lying next to our bed.

Thankfully, we now have a few hours respite before the next storm beckons. We get only a couple a year, at this time of year but when they come, it feels like they’ll never leave. Great time to stay in and keep the cups of tea going!

Molly and Charlie are on the settee, snuggling and Barney is now on ‘storm watch’ at the front door. I’m focused on the sunshine , which we can guarantee to return and which will get SO hot during late spring and summer (till November) , we will be longing for days like this.

Barney is grabbing his piece of sunshine now. If you’d like to secure yours, email to me on and I’ll share some sunshine deals with you!

photo barney storm

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