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1st January 2010

Storm in a B Cup!

Is there nothing sacred anymore?

Its been a really busy few days with many arrivals to lovely villas in Coral Bay and Peyia. We’ve had the beginnings of the yearly hassles of tiny little problems such as insects (in the gardens!); broken aircon(which happens due to high usage in the heat); people getting heatstroke (well, must get a tan!) and people getting grumpy (its the sun! Honest!).

so, getting home after a (very)long and hard day, is it too much to ask that my ironing mountain is left in place ready to be tackled?……..

Well, where Jake is concerned, the answer is obviously, YES!

Let me explain, at 6am this morning, when I got home after an arrival (an unexpected arrival – the guest had got his flights wrong by a full 24 hours!!), Jake was happily sitting in amongst the clean washing, which he’d pulled off the chair and was nesting in – with Charlie cat.

Not content with this, Jake had chewed his way through a T shirt and was just beginning to dismantle my favourite lace bra: in fact, he purposely took a bite as I walked in and ate the cute little ribbon off the strap!

Charlie, who is molting at the moment, was lying stretched out on Tonys favourite, clean, red Tshirt and Alfie and Molly were just watching the whole animal laundry experience, with feigned interest.

I give up!

Yesterday, Jake took the beach towel from the sunbed for a walk around the pool then dropped it in the irrigation system so it got soaked – in mud. Day before, he chewed another of Tonys training shoes!

Its too hot to wear anything at the moment – which is lucky for us coz we’ll have nothing left but unlucky for the people we may have to check in!

Jakes stash is now in his toy box – with his “trainor bra” at the top! Maybe he’s going through adolesence?………………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News