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11th July 2019

Stepping out!

We are lucky enough to live high on the hillside in Peyia, which means we have the most lovely views of this beautiful area, from the Lighthouse in Peyia to Sea Caves: it’s just gorgeous!

Of course, working as we do, getting time to sit and enjoy the views, is few and far between – other than first thing in the morning when I’ve walked Barney and am having my first cuppa of the day , or last thing at night when it cools down and the lights begin to twinkle across the coastline: it’s gorgeous!

We’ve got two sets of steps down to the garden and the gate : one to the left and one to the right. I use the steps on the right, constantly during the day. From feeding Harry Cat to going out to work/walk, so am always running up and down them.

So I’ve named these, “The Going Out Steps”. The steps to the left are my happy steps, “”The Staying In Steps””: I use these to walk quietly down to the pool and to sit in the garden! I like them coz they aren’t stressful and don’t lead me out of the house!

Today, am dreaming of Sunday morning when I’ll be enjoying the walk on them and staying in!

If you’d like to step out for some winter sunshine and want to book a holiday villa or apartment in Coral Bay or Peyia, email to me on!

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