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2nd April 2012

Staying in “Big Charge”

Its now 6 weeks since our beautiful Alfie dog, had a huge tumour removed from his shoulder. He’s amazing and is happily running around, trying to ignore the wound which still needs to be “packed” every day. He’s showing us, again, how great his spirit and heart are – and how much he loves his people and his animals…..

Sadly, yesterday , we learned that the cancer is back and is very aggressive. He needs urgently to have another tumour removed, just above the area where the first one was but we’ve been advised this will be the last time our wonderful vets can help by doing this.

We need to understand a little more about the ins and outs of the surgery but its booked for a week on Monday. I’m broken hearted and really don’t know what to do ie put Alfie through more intrusive and horrible surgery and healing time – or leave him , knowing that time will run out quickly coz this lump is growing quickly and cannot just be left.

Our dear friends have been wonderful but there are no words to describe to anyone how much losing Alfie would affect us: we owe him so very much love and care and now just need to focus on what the best way is to return that to him.

Doing anything final at the moment, isn’t an option for me: he’s too alive and we’ve no right to take that away but we also know in our hearts that the time will come – its whether we should extend the time or not and knowing whether we are doing the right thing for Alf or putting off the inevitable to keep us happy.

Loving a dog and being loved by one as special as Alfie, cannot be explained. He’s so precious and is “in big charge” of our family…….I pray to find the right decision for him – and for the strength to accept that decision.

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