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1st January 2010

Statistically speaking…….

We almost became a victim of holiday statistics today. It is said that most accidents involving young children and swimming pools, take place within the first 15 mins of arrival, when mums and dads are busy unpacking and not taking too much notice of the children- and said children want to be in the pool. The next lot of accidents, proportionately, take place at the end of the hols, when the families are preparing to go home, packing and sorting – and the little ones get overlooked so do their own thing………

Just after 11am today, I took possibly the most frightening call in my life: a young guests, aged 2 years, had been found unconscious in the bottom of the pool and the ambulance was stuck en route – could I help?…….

Getting their in minutes, with police escort, was horrible- but at least the ambulance was there as I pulled up and the child was screaming – which had to be a good sign. The family were due to checkout at noon and had been packing to leave……

Thank god, the little one is okay though in hospital.

Also a huge thank you to the incoming guests for that villa, who’ve been very patient and accepted a swop to another villa, just temporarily, whilst we let the family of the little boy, rest the night and sort out what to do.

Awful day for them but thank god for happy endings.