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9th October 2011

Starvin’ Susie

Poor Susie F. We were only away one night and she kindly looked after our gorgeous animal family but it must have felt to her that we’d left her to fade away…..

I’d only left:
– 3 new packs of cheese (her favourite)
– 3 bottles of gin (but not enough tonic, sorry)
– one full loaf of bread – which was “hidden in the pantry” so she didn’t find it!
– chicken, sausages, eggs and ( and I’ve just counted) 16 tins of associated stuff from tuna to corned beef to chopped ham to salmon)
The freezer had garlic bread, pizza etc etc……

Dogs were fine , as was Charlie Cat. Susie is their favourite person, other than us. Molly loves to snuggle up to her and share “kissy wisses”.

We’re not Susies favourite people though: we left her to STARVE! Stayed away FAR TOO LONG and felt mortally guilty from the moment she rang to ask us “when will you be back?”

Think I’ll stay put from now on – or at least employ a hunky great chef to look after our lovely friend and ensure her every need is attended to. May need to “check him out” first though!

Thank you Susie (and Ray for lending her to us) xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News