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1st January 2010

Star of stage, screen and er, hotel patio……..

It was going to be such a quiet night. Chez and Tallulah Bucket invited Tony and I down to their hotel to enjoy an evening of disco, bingo and a floorshow – only I ended up being the floorshow!

I’d promised Tony I would behave, not drink too much wine and not tell bad jokes very loudly – and I was true to my word, until the fit male dancer, who was doing the tango, decided to come into the audience and pick on me to come and join him…..

Did I ever mention I used to teach Latin American and Old Time dancing? No, well, probably for the best coz if you’d seen my impromptu performance last night, you’d have believed I’d borrowed someones 2 left feet for the occasion.

I blame Tony: he made me so nervous I couldn’t remember the steps or stop giggling. The dancer was so embarrassed that he’d picked me: he only wanted a stooge and instead, he got someone on a mission to audition for Strictly!

Still, his bruises will heal and Charlotte will get over her embarrassment – eventually.

“Shall we dance, cha cha cha……”

Category: Cyprus Villas News