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1st January 2010

Stand by your beds, people!!

Oh dear: its official! My Mum and Jim return to Peyia at the end of October, to move back into their home here. Flights are booked and my gorgeous little sister has even sent the arrival time to prompt me to collect them from the airport!

Have been mentally making the “must do” list since the airline confirmed their seats:

– must replace houseplants which have died*

– must trim their garden

– must return the baking powder and spices Tony borrowed

– must polish the house

– must polish MY house

– must file their washing (indexed and in alphabetical order of course!)

– must colour co-ordinate their beds/bathrooms

– must buy wine

– must buy wine

– must buy wine

– must buy wine

– must remember to leave some of the wine for Mum!…………

We are really looking forward to seeing them: they’ve been home in UK for the hot Cyprus summer but are now a little fed up of their unplanned “floating houseboat” which should be a residential place, set firmly in the earth but they stay in the North East of England and the floods have been terrible!

Winters (!) here are much better for them: its warmer/brighter/sunnier – and the wine is SO much cheaper (I’m thinking of me now, not them!! They are more GnT drinkers).

Seriously, will be wonderful to have you back here, Wrinklies. Tony is in the corner crying with delight! The dogs are thrilled (and will be bathed!) and I’m really looking forward to seeing you. Only a few weeks more………..

Now, where did I put my tiara?………… (trust me, you need to meet my Mum: she is SO posh I’ll need to pull my vowels out and give them a polish too!)

xx mum if you are reading this!

Category: Cyprus Villas News