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7th June 2011

Ssssh! Its all quiet here!

So much to tell you and no voice to tell it! Have had laryngitis for a few days and am very frustrated as I’m unable to shout, talk, natter, talk -or worse, have a drink due to antibiotics!
Then I remembered that I could write to you so here I am – and now I cannot remember what to tell you!
Well, Sue and Keith are here. They were neighbours of ours from the UK and are great fun. They and we , are sitting up till the early hours, catching up and giggling ……Luckily, Keith can TALK , so I don’t have to worry about not being able to say anything . Also luckily, Keith, Sue and Tony can Drink! Ditto, I’m left out (but there is time yet!)
Have also had fun with checkins. The world is the wrong shape for some guests, perfect for others and hot for all – so its all good.
Jake is singing “happy songs” to everyone in sight and Molly, Alfie and Charlie are getting tons of cuddles…
I’m just off to see the lucky guests in Villa Caliteri in Peyia, then to croak through a beer with the guests in Viks Place in Peyia.
I quite like being quiet. Listening is a good thing but I don’t think it will catch on!
Have fun!

Category: Cyprus Villas News