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1st January 2010

squeaky chickens and suction shoes

I’ve been cleaning the lounge upstairs, ready for our friends coming to stay overnight tomorrow, (no, not stay IN the lounge – its a girl thing: gotta make the place look reasonable!). They’ve just found the villa in Peyia that they want to rent from us long term, so are very happy – and delighted to be coming to stay with us because the love the dogs, cats and my niknaks! Charming! (but I don’t mind really).

Anyway, was upstairs “doing my thing” with my suction shoes on the hairy dog carpet, (its a long story but basically the only thing that gets Jake and Alfie hair out of my rug are my Puma pumps – Jakes chewed of course- which I have to “moon dance” on the rug wearing, then pick up the hair pile!). Its fun but hard work – especially when Alfie, Jake and Molly decide to hang around and help!

Today, I shouted at them to go downstairs, which they did but Jake had strategically placed one of his favourite squeaky chickens behind me – so, when I struck out backwards in defiance of a nasty pile of hair, I stood on said chicken and nearly went through the ceiling with fright.

Jake could be heard chuckling from the kitchen and Molly just looked shocked! Alfie, of course, didn’t budge: not much phases him!

We’ve a busy weekend of ins and outs for guests – checkouts that is, not “outings” – though we’ve had our share of those too! I’m pretending that I’ve got a lazy weekend so I’m chilling out tonight and looking forward to climbing onto a sunbed and sleeping in the rays. In reality, I’ll be climbing in and out of my car, to-ing and fro-ing to villas, smiling enthusiastically at tired, pale faced guests! I LOVE it!!

We’ve even got uniforms too: Tony thinks I’m going too far now wearing mine at home in the evenings but I’m proud to “wear our badge”. The uniform consists of Tshirts and leggings (loose, for maximum movement of generous muscles!!) or dresses (Yvonne and I, not Tony and Garry). Our logo sits nicely on the left of the Tshirts and gets stared at! Mmmmmm. Long time since I’ve had people staring at my chest area: think we need company wonderbras – Tony and Garry included!!

Its bank holiday weekend in the UK and we’ve just had our last bank holiday for a while, so you are celebrating without us on Monday .

Of course, we are here and you aren’t – so there is a bit of justice!

Enjoy MayDay!

Category: Cyprus Villas News