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1st January 2010

squeakily unsqueamish!

The vets who look after our animal gang, are in the offices just up the road from our rental villas office in Peyia. I called in yesterday to get some bits and pieces – okay, flea powder coz Charlie is kindly incubating the complete flea universe thanks to a generous donation of the horrible little things, to Charlie by his arch enemy, black cat!

Anyway , I called in early coz the vet gets busy and found Julie, one of the nurses, running around with little trays of cheese, putting them on top of cupboards, under shelves and around the floor.

Asking what was going on, Julie told me that a huge mouse was living in the surgery and avoiding all attempts to evict it. A very large cat was even left in for the night but he and the mouse made friends!

Seems the vets have a very important visitor too: not the mouse but a world famous veterinary surgeon from Russia who is here to operate on some very difficult animal cases – and the mouse has been coming into the operating surgery and watching him at work!

Reminiscent of Ratatouille, Julie and I discussed how hard it must be for the mouse if he really believes he is destined to be a great vet but hasn’t been given the opportunity to practise. We visualised the little mouse practising on fleas etc when the surgery is shut…………

I’ve been in today and he is still on the loose – and some of the instruments have gone missing too…..

Will make a great movie!

Category: Cyprus Villas News