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1st January 2010


Marie and Sprocket fly back to UK today. Sprocket mets the doggy surgeon on Thursday and preparations will start for his very big spinal op, which he’ll have in Cramlington at Croft Vets. Marie is going to stay with the wrinklies who live close by and my Mum has promised to ruin Marie and Sprocket, which I know she’ll do.

I can only imagine what Marie is going through: its a big but necessary op to help Sprocket have a better quality of life but he is 12, has been poorly and , with any surgery, their are risks……We think she and Mark are being very brave, loving and realistic: Sprocket needs this chance or he’ll suffer terribly and they couldn’t leave him suffering.

Its incredible that there is a man out there, one of few, who has reached out the hand of hope to Marie and explained what he can do – and showed what he has already achieved with spinal surgery on dogs. He is an animal earth angel, I reckon.

Our love, prayers and thoughts fly out with Marie and Sprocket today – though I’m very jealous that, within 48 hours, Marie will be feasting on homemade cake at my Mums!

Fingers and paws crossed!

Category: Cyprus Villas News