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1st January 2010

spring is in the air

The weather here is very kind, sunny, gentle and “happy” at the moment. The almond blossom is out and the village streets in Peyia, look very pretty strewn with their trees in full bloom. I’m reminded of Easters of many years ago, back in Hebburn, when my Nannas tree always wore its best blossom for the Easter period – and then our home in Yorkshire, which boasted a very unusual Japanese blossom tree, which blossomed only 3 days of each year. Aaah………I’m off again!

I’m getting excited because this weekend sees the “main start” of the surge of holiday guests beginning to fill our villas in Coral Bay and Peyia. We’ve had a steady flow through the winter but now begin in earnest, with many arrivals and departures each day – and many journeys up and down from our home in Peyia to Coral Bay. We’ve so many people returning to us and new guests to welcome, that we’ve formally agreed today to welcome two friends into the business, whose job will be to , well, do whatever is required – and lots of it!! Its going to be a good year.

Alfie is overwhelmed with excitement and has been sleeping under the radiator for the past 2 hours. Jake is snoring on the settee and thinks I cannot see him (when its the settee I cannot see, as Jake is so big). Charlie is in “sick bay” with Tiff, slowly getting better and loudly letting us know – and Molly and Tony are upstairs watching Man United play.

It seems its only me whose needed to take a moment and consider the blossom – and the year ahead. I think it wasn’t only the trees which set off my thoughtful mood but also seeing Villa LilyMay completely finished: Charly has done a stunning job of furnishing and decorating his villa.Helped by David, he’s created a real home – and we’ve got the pleasure of checking in the first guests to this lovely villa in Peyia, in just over 2 weeks! After I’ve wressled the keys off Charly who, now having seen it finished, is reluctant to let it out at all!

Everything is moving on steadily through this still fairly new year – which is what I think I should do now: have you seen the time? It will take more than fragrant blossom to wake me for work tomorrow!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News