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16th January 2021

Spread the holiday feeling!

I’ve been thinking an awful lot about what it is that makes people love Peyia village so much and why so many people want to be here/come back here.

We’ve lived here for 18 years now and the village really does become part of you. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t notice something different about the place or value the smiles of the local and cherish the familiar – but there is something else about Peyia.

In the middle of the night,  I woke up with the thought that, what gives this growing village it’s ”lifeforce” and positive feel, IS the people who come here added to the people who live here . I’ll try to explain….

People coming on holiday here, REALLY want to be here. They love the place, the climate, the locals, the atmosphere- but THEY bring the magic by being in a such a happy, positive state of mind, that they spread this energy to those of us who live here!

Add to that the fact that 99.9% of us live here happily, enjoying the gentle, simplicity of living in natural beauty and a great climate, that we are positive and , most of the time!, in good, welcoming states of mind.

So the energies are great because, ‘thoughts are living things” and we’re all giving out good thoughts; positive vibes and warmth! It’s a win win as we all get caught up in the holiday feeling!

It’s sad really that we cannot live our daily lives with such open , welcome expectations: enjoying the moments and expecting only good things. We should – because life is far too short to spend it worrying about the ”what if’s”…..

Anyway, it’s the weekend – and with that, there is  a good feeling of peace and rest – and the chance to chill a bit. May not be exactly the holiday feeling some of us crave but it’s a great chance to consider the possibilities of a holiday and remember just how lovely it is to be surrounded by happy people!

You may not be here in Peyia right now but wherever you are, your smile will make a BIG difference to someone!

keep safe and well – and come back soon. Thank you for being such a big part of Peyia”s ”feeling” too!

Category: Peyia