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1st January 2010

Spot the Dog!

Jake has had a pamper day. Four black bin liners later, he returned to us scalped – and very, very spotty! I forget just how his coat is when he isn’t wearing his full fur covering!

He’s got a natural saddle bag over his back and tummy – and the spottiest legs and hind I’ve ever seen!

His face has been cut to make his side burns “point out” and he’s got a little hair on his ears~: looks very cute and is obviously loving it, as he’s sitting on our knees constantly wanting kisses, tickles and scratches.

Alfies turn next! He looks like a pup when he gets his coat taken off . As its 40 plus degrees today, I think its time he was trimmed. Mollys hair is still very short and she looks great – and Charlie just gets chunks pulled out of his by the locals!

The new kitten we seem to be getting, (yes, really) looks like it will have very short hair. Its only 2 days old and Mummy has left it so its being cared for by guests in Villa Stavroulla. I’ve said we’ll take it home tomorrow if Mummy cat doesn’t come home……haven’t told Tony yet.

Am going to call it “Nicklepuss” after Nick, who owns the villa with his lovely wife, Jenny. He’ll be thrilled.


Category: Cyprus Villas News