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18th October 2016

Spending a penny – literally!

Molly Mou, our much loved tiny , 14 year old furry daughter dog, is wonderful but is starting to show signs of ageing. She has áttitude’ and shouts at will, not caring what you are doing or who you are talking to! She is going deaf and often gets a shock when you walk past her and she hasn’t seen you – and she is getting very picky about her food.

The other thing is, at her tender ”old lady” years, she is getting ”caught short” now and again and we get puddles! Tiny ones but puddles all the same!

When I got home yesterday, I had to laugh: There was a tiny puddle on the floor near the door, in the middle of which was a penny coin! I’m not sure if she was trying to pay me for my trouble in having to clean this up –  or if she was being funny! I thought it very funny!

If you want to escape winter puddles, those caused by rain, spend not too much on a holiday to Coral Bay or Peyia, Cyprus and enjoy winter sun in a holiday villa or apartment, with clean pools. Email to for details on offers.


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